Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Cat Adoptions on many Saturdays 1-4 pm at the Leesburg Petco!

(We also have two cats that stay in their habitats at Petco and can be seen any time!)

Check our Event Schedule to see if we'll be there.

Arrangements can also be made to see the available cats at Bluemont by emailing Cindy at info@caseyshouse.org

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Casey’s House, Inc. Intake Policy

Casey’s House, Inc. receives many requests to place cats with us. Because we are a no-kill facility, we are not able to take every cat. We limit our intake based on the current capacity.
We accept adoptable cats for placement in new homes.  During the Spring and Summer, preference will be given to kittens and their mothers.

Casey’s House, Inc. will also accept cats of all ages as well as special needs (including special needs feral cats).  It is important to know that we will ask for a surrender fee to help care for the cat you would like to place with us.   When sanctuary space is available, preference will be given to cats with non-medical issues; i.e. litter box and semi-social.

We do not have a waiting list. If we do not have the space for your cat, you are welcome to check back with us at a later time.  The Cat Intake Application can be requested by sending an email to info@caseyshouse.org

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Casey's House Year End-2016.

161 Pine Grove Rd. Bluemont, VA 20135· 703-220-9965

Email: info@caseyshouse.org
Ein# 20-5866187  CFC# 86714 CVC# 09779
We have done so much this year but we still have so much more to do.  More cats to get to the spay neuter clinic, more cats into their forever homes, and more cats that need a place like Casey’s House where they can live out their lives despite having issues with the litter box or some other flaw.

Please help us in our mission to provide a home to many of the elderly and hard to adopt cats in our region; and to promote Trap-Neuter-Return to help end the plight of feral and other abandoned cats!

 Accomplishments for 2016
·        Over 200 Spay/Neuters!
·        65 Adoptions
·        9 Cats accepted into Sanctuary
(Some of their stories are in this newsletter)

With YOUR help we can continue our important work in 2017!
How you can Help

·         Tax deductible gifts can be made either with the enclosed donation form or through our paypal account, a link to which is on our website, www.caseyshouse.org via our donation page.

·         “Amazon Smile” donates a portion of your Amazon purchase to Casey’s House if you click on the ‘Amazon Smile” link found on our donation page at our website www.caseyshouse.org

·         Combined Federal Fund, our number is 86714

·         We recycle aluminium cans.  Call or email Cindy for more information.  Info@caseyshouse.org, 703-220-9965 


Sneezy came to us early in Spring at about 9 months old.  At first she was very shy and scared of the other cats in our home.  We weren’t able to place her before kitten season so she wound up staying with us for most of the year.  About two months ago she started to open up to us more and be less afraid of the other cats.  I am happy to say that she has now been adopted and went to her new home on the Saturday after Thanksgiving!  

Annie came to Casey’s House this spring.  She is 15 but has the spirit of a much younger cat.  She reminds us of Cindy Loo which was one of the cats of Casey’s clan that came to stay with us over a decade ago.  Her beautiful long white hair makes her look like a cat princess.  She was given up due to her owner having to relocate to an apartment that wouldn’t allow cats.  She doesn’t have to worry about that at Casey’s House!

Mr. S was rescued from a high kill shelter in Maryland.  He appears to be a pure bred Siamese with perfect flame point markings.  We initially tried to find him an adopted home but he was asked to leave his adoption center after a few days when his very potent urine smell became a problem.   We had just gotten him neutered and had expected the smell to cease after just a day or two but it actually took about a full month!  By that time, kitten season had come and we had to put Mr S’s adoption on hold.  He soon showed his value to us as every kitten’s foster dad as he taught each and every one how to play and how to get treats from the humans.  He also protects the kittens from the other adult cats, nobody dares to mess with “his” babies!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Karaoke at Casey’s House
161 Pine Grove Rd
Bluemont, VA

Sep 17, 2016            5 PM-9 PM

                                                                       All you can eat Pizza!
          Just $10 per person! (Kids under 10 free!)

Water and Soda will be sold for 50 cents ea (All proceeds benefit our Spay/Neuter program!)

Purchase Tickets ($10 ea) here! Please print receipt and bring with you.

Please email Cindy at info@caseyshouse.org if you wish to purchase tickets at the door.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

2015 Year End Newsletter

Casey's House, Inc

161 Pine Grove Rd. Bluemont, VA 20135· 703-220-9965

Email: info@caseyshouse.org
Ein# 20-5866187 CFC# 86714

2015-A Year of Accomplishments!
  • 263 Spay/Neuters!
  • 60 Adoptions
  • 10 Cats accepted into Sanctuary
3 FIV Cats
1 Blind Cat
3 Geriatric Cats
3 Litter Box Issues

With YOUR help we can do even more in 2016!!

How you can Help

  • Tax deductible gifts can be made at our website.

  • Amazon Smile” donates a portion of your Amazon purchase to Casey’s House if you click on the ‘Amazon Smile” link found on our donation page at our website before you make your purcahse.

  • Combined Federal Fund, Our number is 86714

  • We recycle aluminum cans. Bagged cans can be brought to either Petco on Saturdays (by 4PM) or any time to our Bluemont location. Call Cindy at 703-220-9965 for more information.

      More about what we've been doing:

Casey's House is now Operating the Adoption Center 
at the Leesburg Petco!

Josaphine was our first cat to be adopted from the Adoption Center at the Leesburg Petco. Since her adoption we have placed several other adult cats as well as many kittens! We are very pleased that we have increased our adoptions by well over 20% and that that increase is in ADULT cat adoptions!


Josaphine at Petco just before  going to her furr-ever home!

Josaphine in her furr-ever home!

Thanks to Monica, Anna, Robin and the Girl Scouts the Sanctuary got a face lift during Spring Cleaning!
                                     Videocan be seen on our Facebook page!

                                                 Sweet/Shy Possum (Blind Kitty)

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Mackerel and Josaphine are all settled into the Petco Adoption Center. I feel like a worried mother with a kid on their first sleep over! At least with adoptions they are going home to a family. They are spending tonight in cages, granted very big nice cages, but still cages in a place unknown. I'm worried about them. Can't wait to see them in the morning!