Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I often think of how Casey came into my life at the ripe age of 15 and how in the three years she was here she managed to change the course of my life. Today I have a 15 year old cat named Pepper, different cat but same story; an older cat that still has plenty of love to give and just needs a chance to give it. She will have that chance as she spends her days in my office helping me keep sane during my busy times and giving me her advice when I am fighting with my computer. Seriously, she talks to me

How You Can Help!

  • Tax deductible gifts can be made either with the donation form printed on the back of this newsletter or through our paypal account, a link to which is on our website, www.caseyshouse.org via our donation page.
  • Tax deductible gifts can be made through CFC through your employer, our CFC number is 86714.
  • igive” is an online shopping portal that donates a portion of your purchase to Casey’s House if you click on the ‘Shop Online Through IGive” line found on our donation page at our website www.caseyshouse.org
  • We are collecting aluminum cans. Bagged cans can be brought to either Petco on Saturdays (by 4PM) or any time to our Bluemont location. Call Cindy at 703-220-9965 for more information.

                     Kitten Season has arrived!

 And with it the many extra expenses of spay/neuter and
 all the various vetting needs
that come with these adorable guys!

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