Monday, October 23, 2017

 Needing Homes in Our Area
(Open to animals of all kinds)

Kittens still needing homes:

(A $100 adoption fee applies to kittens to cover the costs of spay/neuter and shots)


Mojo is FIV Positive, Healthy and as far as we know never has been sick.  He is very good with children!  You won't find a sweeter cat than Mojo!  Contact Cindy at info@caseyshouse if you are interested in adopting Mojo!
Added Oct 23, 2017

Panda is 18 years old and needs a new home by June 2018.  His family is moving to Australia and their vet has advised them not to put him through the long plane ride and quarantine. At 18, that would be rough. I told the family that Casey's House would take him but only after trying to find another better option first! At 18, being thrown in with a bunch of other cats wouldn't be the easiest  thing either!  Please contact if you can help!
Added Dec 2 2017

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