Monday, November 21, 2011

End of the Year Newsletter from Casey's House


Dear Friend of Caseys House,

Last year at this time we were really worried about a little fellow named Luray whom we had gotten quite
attached to. He came in as a kitten with his two sisters and one brother. His siblings were quickly adopted
but he could not be put up for adoption due to a birth defect that effected his chest cavity. It was doubtful
that he would survive much past kittenhood. However, thanks to your outpouring of financial support and a
wonderful vet in Richmond Luray received his needed surgery to correct his birth defect. Luray is now the
very happy (and terribly spoiled) cat of the Black Horse Inn in Warrenton, VA. A very happy ending for a very
deserving cat!

We now ask you to once again reach down into your pockets and help another very deserving cat named Zena.
From the get go Zena has had terrible problems with the herpes virus constantly attacking her eyes. Despite
vigorous daily treatments she has lost sight in both eyes and the herpes virus still attacks. We need to have
them removed, this is a costly surgery but thanks again to Helping Hands of Richmond we are able to get it at
a discounted price but still the cost is more than what our regular budget allows. Between the cost of the
surgery, after care, and travel expenses Zenas treatment will cost about $900.

You can support Caseys House (and Zena) in a variety of ways:

? Tax deductible gifts can be made either with the enclosed donation form or through our paypal account, a link
to which is on our website, via our donation page.

? igive is an online shopping portal that donates a portion of your purchase to Caseys House if you click on
the Shop Online Through IGive line found on our donation page at our website

? We are collecting aluminum cans. Bagged cans can be brought to either Petco on Saturdays (by 5PM) or any
time to our Bluemont location. Call Cindy at 703-220-9965 for more information.

We look forward to the upcoming year and know with help from our wonderful supporters, that we will be able to
continue our low cost spay/neuter program and to provide sanctuary for many of the old and hard to adopt cats
in our region. We especially look forward to being able to tell Zenas happily ever after story next year!

Together we can make this world a better place for all our feline friends! Thank-you for your support!


Cindy Ingram     Barbara Zittrer     Bob Adams     Teresa Piper
President          Vice-President     Secretary      Treasurerasurer

Sunday, September 4, 2011

We are Helping to Raise Funds for Wounded Veterans & Other News from Casey's House!

Our New CFC No is 86714 Campaign starts this Fall, look for us in your United Way Book!

(Shenandoah & Potomac United Way Regions)

Come celebrate the life of Saint Francis with us this Oct 1, 2011 at the Church of Good Shepherd in Bluemont, VA. This annual celebration known as the "Blessing of the Animals" has become a favorite to many of our supporters!


Some Highlights:
  • A light vegetarian lunch will be served after the service
  • Rabies vaccinations will again be available for $10, email Cindy at  for more information
  • Raffle benefiting wounded veterans in need of a companion canine. (The cost for training a canine companion is about $45,000!) One free spay or neuter is the raffle prize, cost of tickets is $1. Please email Cindy at if you can help sell raffle tickets. Raffle Tickets available now!!!!
Thanks for your support!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Casey's House Mid-Year Newsletter

Casey's House, Inc.
    Home to many of the elderly and hard to adopt cats in our region; dedicated to the
    promotion of Trap-Neuter-Return to help end the plight of feral & other abandoned cats!

                                                                        161 Pine Grove Road
                                                                        Bluemont, VA 20135
                                                                        Phone: 703-220-9965
                                                                        Ein# 20-5866187

Dear Friend of Caseys House,

I am happy to announce the lunching of our new website! A calendar of events and
spay/neuter run, downloadable forms for cat adoptions and spay/neuter, and a safe
secure online donation page are just some of the new features. Check it out at, we welcome your feedback and any suggestions you might have!
Special note to our adopters: If you would like to have your special Caseys House
cat appear on our website please send a picture to our webmaster at!

Our spay/neuter runs are off to a good start! We have spay/neutered 52 animals so far
and have another 20 booked through June, we plan on doing even more in the last six
months of 2011! Please consider a donation to this very important ongoing effort. A
gift towards a tank of gas (about $45 per trip) would be most helpful!

We have 53 cats in our sanctuary and flea season is coming fast! This year we are
being proactive and have already treated all grassy areas as well as protecting our
cats. We ask that you consider helping in this effort with a gift to the
old and hard to adopt cat fund as we are using this fund to finance our flea killing
efforts! It cost about $100 every time we treat the grassy areas and a little over $9
per cat per month.

As always, we thank you for your support and the cats of Caseys House send a warm and
thankful meow!

Cindy Ingram
Caseys House, Inc.

PS: For those of you who give through the United Way, we are pleased to say that we
have been accepted by the National Capital and Potomac Areas. We will receive our
numbers in either July or August and these will then be promptly posted on our website!