Monday, October 23, 2017

 Needing Homes in Our Area
(Open to animals of all kinds)

Kittens still needing homes:

(A $100 adoption fee applies to kittens to cover the costs of spay/neuter and shots)


Mojo is FIV Positive, Healthy and as far as we know never has been sick.  He is very good with children!  You won't find a sweeter cat than Mojo!  Contact Cindy at info@caseyshouse if you are interested in adopting Mojo!
Added Oct 23, 2017
Mojo is Still Available as of 9/26/18!

Theo and Leo really need to go to one home.
Please contact
for more info about the cats below
Added 9/26/18

Leo: He is a beautiful kitten. He is a sweet, sensitive boy, with a little voice heard rarely. he loves to run around and play with his buddies and sleep next to them or on you! He has a very laid back personality, He knows when he wants to be pet and loved on, and when he does he will purr, lay on top of you. He will fall asleep on your lap or in the crook of your arm with his tummy in the air. He loves tummy rubs He purrs loudly enjoying your closeness and presence. He loves to play chasing the ribbon on the stick, loves being under the covers and loves sleeping with Theo his buddy. Words for him are simply sweet, playful, and of course a love.

Lyra: She is a dainty little girl with a sweet beautiful face. She is very vocal about wanting to be pet and loved and cuddled. She loves nothing more than curling up and purring next to you, except maybe sitting on your chest and purring while you pet her. She is a little “motor-boat”. She will  fall asleep right on your stomach/ legs, but ends up curled next to you kneading the thick blanket looking at you with her pretty eyes.she loves belly rubs and to lick you and her buddies! She loves to play and wrestle she is the fastest by far chasing the ribbon on the stick! she chases the stick end as well. She in a couple words is just sweet and lovable. She loves playing fingers under the blanket and being under he blanket and your knees! 


Theo: I think that he is going to grow into a big solid beautiful tabby boy. As a kitten he is the most solid of the bunch sometime I call him my little chunk. He loves being on his back, belly in the air, and loves his tummy rubbed while he purrs madly. He is a “motor-boat”, even once I put the food down in the morning he will still be snaking around my ankles purring while the others have started to eat, he is a sweetheart. He loves to play, wrestle, and chase the ribbon on the stick. He chases your fingers under the covers or blankets. When the others are still playing he will often be the first to come over and want to be cuddled and pet then take a nice purring nap on my lap. He loves sleeping under your knees and the covers! He has such a nice laid back personality, he purrs loudly and often, I always know who will be the first to come over and want to cuddle whenever I enter the room. In a few words he is a laid back, sweetheart, a master of cuddles and purring.

Theo and Leo

Leo and Theo 

Leo and Theo need to go together :)