Thursday, November 8, 2012


Dear Friend of Casey’s House,

It has been ten years since a stubborn cat named Casey came into my life.  At the time I already had two cats and two dogs and so when she sat on my carport and meowed at me I told her that she needed to go home.  “Home” however, was a unhappy place with some 40 other cats, green water, and filthy food bowels.  It didn’t take long for me to give in and start feeding her before I sent her “home”.  However, as is often the case with cats, Casey kept pushing for more.  One day she stopped eating, briefly looked at me, and then proceeded to quickly and determinately walk right past me and into my house.  Once inside she headed for our kitchen table and sat right in the middle of the newspaper that my husband was reading and meowed at us as much to say “I’m here, I’m staying, deal with it!”  Since we were not really given much of a choice, we dealt with it!  I have never regretted letting Casey into my life that day, because of her and the quandary that her feline colony friends found themselves in a few months later when their people abandoned them I became involved in cat rescue. 

Today Casey’s House is home to many cats that are not adoptable due to age, health, or behavioral issues.  We also maintain a population of about 10 adoptable cats, most of which are kittens of outdoor ferals.  We provide food, shelter, and medical care for all our residents.  Sadly, there are always more cats needing sanctuary then we can provide for and that is why a few years ago we started our low cost spay/neuter runs.  Until we get the cat overpopulation under control there will never be enough homes and those cats that are older, sick, or behaviorally challenged will more likely or not have nowhere to go.   For two months in a row now we have sent almost double our previous month’s amount of cats to be spayed/neutered for a total of 99 cats and 4 dogs!  The previous months had already averaged 25 per month so we are ready to break 300 spay/neuters this year!

With your tax-deductible gift we can continue to provide sanctuary for many hard to adopt cats in our region and to offer affordable spay/neuter to the many pet owners that need it!  We thank you for your support and from all the cats of Casey’s House a warm and thankful meow!

Cindy Ingram
Casey's House, Inc