Sunday, February 26, 2017

Casey’s House, Inc. Intake Policy

Casey’s House, Inc. receives many requests to place cats with us. Because we are a no-kill facility, we are not able to take every cat. We limit our intake based on the current capacity.
Casey’s House, Inc. accepts cats which are not adoptable.  It is important to know that we will ask for a surrender fee to help care for the cat you would like to place with us.  It is also important to understand that most of the cats which are in our sanctuary are not socialized.  We do have spots within our home for human-needy cats but those spaces are very limited.  When we have space, preference is given to cats with physical disabilities such as blindness or lameness. 

We do not have a waiting list. If we do not have the space for your cat, you are welcome to check back with us at a later time.  The Cat Intake Application can be requested by sending an email to

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