Saturday, June 13, 2020

I'm just putting this here as a precursor of sorts. Casey's House is scaling back to primarily be a sanctuary only. At last stop before euthanasia sort of thing. The cats that do best here are the ones that want other cat's company but not so much human companionship. Handle-able though in case they need medical care.
That's not to say that we don't have, nor will take in friendly "human needy" cats but just that, at this time, those spots are filled. There are only so many cats that you can actively love on.
Below is a response to a person asking about spay/neuter services. Since my school is in Harrisonburg, I don't mind taking cats to the clinic there. However, because of the reasons stated in my response below; I'm not sure if I will continue doing this.
Please stay tuned for further updates and stories about some of our current residents. We have two black cats, for instance that are in a "most hateful" contest. I swear that all I have to do is look at them to be hisssssed at! LOL Then we have Possum who, after three years came out of her shell and many others whose tales I will tell. Our website will be updated soon too!
The only thing that you need is a cat needing to be spayed and to set it up, just confirm that you will bring her.
I actually am going on the 15th. The cost is $72 which includes a rabies shot. Do you want to send her on that one? If so, I would need her the evening before (the 14th) as I leave very early on the 15th. We'll return in the evening, on the 15th at about 7pm.
Just a note of reference, I am not at all sure how many more of these transports that I will do. I've had problems with people backing out at the last minute leaving me to explain to the clinic why I booked several spays/neuters but only came with one or two cats. I've committed
to this run but this may well be the last one; depends on how it goes. I'm just telling you this so that you understand that this isn't necessarily an ongoing thing that I do.
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